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Monday, January 28, 2013


The girl in the photo above, Marianna Taschinger was dating a guy who wanted naked photos of her. She'd only been dating him for a few months, so she didn't feel comfortable sending him nude pics of herself. After a few days of coaxing, she did what he asked begrudgingly. Several weeks later, Taschinger found out that those private pictures had been posted on a website called Texxxan.com, along with her first name, last initial, and details about where she lived. The online user, who Taschinger believes is her now ex-boyfriend, called her one his 'exploits'. What a scumbag! Oh, it gets better! Taschinger went on to say that her called her a slut and promised to post more of her if people 'liked' what he'd posted so far. Who does this to someone? Then again, who sends naked photos of themselves to someone they actually hardly know? 

Taschinger, believe it or not, is one of more than two dozen women, who plan on filing a class-action lawsuit against the Texxxan.com website, its host, GoDaddy.com, and individual users who post content to the site. The women allege that the site is 'significantly designed to cause severe embarrassment, humiliation, and emotional distress.' John Morgan, the lawyer involved with the case, said, "None of these women consented to having their photos used. This site has to be shut down." Wait a minute, though! The site shouldn't be responsible for these pics. The girls should be responsible because it they weren't such sluts, they would've have let these pictures leave their possession in the first place. Whatever happened to discretion? Let me get this straight; So, if I was to get mad at an ex and I posted some racy pictures of her on, say, Facebook to get back at her, Facebook should be getting sued or shut down? Of course, not! Facebook wouldn't have put those photos up, nor did they take the photos! All they would be doing is hosting the photos. It's really not the sites fault!

Texxxan.com is said to be just one of many 'revenge porn' sites, where jealous exes and computer hackers anonymously post and 'rate' pornographic images of women. The photos are usually posted without consent and included links to the victim's social media accounts, which actually makes the women extremely traceable. Okay, well, I don't agree with guys doing that. Before the lawsuit, anyone could rate and comment on Texxxan.com photos for free, but this past Friday, the site started restricting access to the public and only paid subscribers were able to enter. 

 32-year-old, Hollie Toups, a grad student from Nederland, Texas, found out that her private photos were appearing on Texxxan.com through a friend. She said that she shut everyone off from her life except for her mom. She also said that when people said hello to her in public, she wondered if it was because they were being polite or they've seen her boobs on the internet. Some women involved in the case have even lost their jobs after the pictures of them surfaced online. Morgan plans to seek compensation for the women and their losses. Don't get me wrong, I can see the wrong-doing in this. Men are scumbags, but you have to look at these women who would even allow these private photos of themselves leave their secret stash. I do believe that these guys are at fault, but these women aren't all as innocent as they are portraying to be. I still don't feel that the websites should be held responsible, but that's just me! 

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